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Bison are Great beasts. They are the very image of Freedom in Midwestern America, where millions once roamed the plains. But little is said of the tiny beasts that lived at their feet–the Bogg–which is how prairie dogs refer to themselves. Yet it is the Bogg who remain free, ever shaking their tiny fists at The Man and His development, while the Bison have become a mere roadside attraction. And how have the Bogg accomplished this? Everyone knows the Bogg are no Great beasts, so how? The Bogg have accomplished this by being very much like us.

Bogg endure frightened, even brutalized existences, so this story necessarily contains some violence. But violence is part of the world, like fire, and pain is too, like flood. And life is hard, especially Bogg life, so from eternity messages are sent, living words woven into living stories, stories that give us hope and direction, stories that might even have the power to deliver us. But what does delivering such a story demand? Banxsome Bogg is willing to find out, come what may.

For the cost of such a story is high, as The Man’s Prophecy says. Life for Life. And any beast who pays the price to deliver such a message—be they Bison or Bogg—is truly, unarguably, and eternally, a Great Beast.


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