The best time of my life was reading to our daughter, Casey. I'd be honored to play some small part in that beautiful experience in your family.


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Swept from six-year-old Prisha Collins' grasp by a mean ol' gust of Kansas wind during the All Schools Day Parade, Blankie eventually ends up in a railyard in Denver. Stuck on the streets, sleeping in an alley, Blankie is without everything his safe, happy world once held. But Blankie is not completely without help, he does have a dream—to get back to Prisha before her family moves in a few days—and he has his belief that there is magic in dreams and simple goodness.

Blankie finds unique friends, crazy jobs, and timely events, but will they be enough to overcome the storm, the birds that hunt him, the distance he has to travel, and most of all, his waning hope and faith?

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When Stump, a chipmunk runt with a chewed-off tail, and Dottie, a chipmunk disfigured by a white spot on the right side of her face, decide to journey over some mountains to The Valley Of The Great Chipmunk, they think that what they'll get on the other side is new bodies, free from their afflictions. What they get, after first gathering gifts for the journey, is a trail that instead changes them on the inside. Trail Of The Magi is an epic Hero's Journey. Set on the first leg of the Colorado Trail, kids will love it for its action, drama, cute characters, and swashbuckling, as Stump and Dottie overcome one obstacle after another in their fight to stay alive on their journey. Parents reading it to their kids, along with the story, will enjoy the archetypes and meaning.

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Prairie dogs, who call themselves "Bogg," are no Great Beasts. So when Beginigin Bogg goes over a hill and establishes a new Boggtown within sight of The Man's Great Dwelling, all sorts of misunderstandings ensue. First ten kings establish ten laws no Bogg could ever follow, and then a broken deliverer shows up to save them from Vandoff (an eagle), Blackfoot (a black-footed ferret), and the Knife (a hawk). But are the Bogg's worst enemies the things that hunt them or the crazy ideas they believe? Banxsome Bogg, their prophesied deliverer, must figure this out.