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At COLFAXMANN.COM we're not like everybody else. WE HAVE MORE FUN! We like to say we pick up where Sesame Street left off, and let me tell you picking up after Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus can be messy.


In this coloring book, Block 1 of our four-block series, your child will get:


FIRST GRADE ENGLISH IN A COLORING BOOK – Whether you are homeschooling, teaching, or getting your kids ready for school, the Rat The Cat Reading Accelerator is the most fun a child can have while growing as a reader.


OVER 200 PAGES OF FUN – This is not a short coloring book with images copied off the internet, but a complete book of all the images from our full-color books, sized differently and simplified to accommodate the coloring-book format. Some pages are easy, some are harder.


FULL STORIES, NOT JUST SENTENCES – Rat and Dan have crazy adventure after crazy adventure. We have to start a bit simple due to limited vocabulary, but each story gets more involved and more fun. Rat is always getting into trouble!


PROGRESSIVE PHONICS – We use progressive phonics, not to teach a bunch of rules, but as a sensible method for introducing new letter combinations. We start easy, and each story builds on the previous story.


VOCABULARY, WEIRD WORDS, AND SENTENCES/DICTATION FOR EACH STORY – At the end of each lesson are two pages with the vocabulary/spelling words for that lesson, plus a list of "Weird Words" used in the story. Weird Words are just words than have not yet been introduced. There is also a page of sentences.


ORIGINAL IMAGES TO COLOR – We don't claim to be great artists, but we do put up original, fun drawings, with recurring characters caught up in many adventures.


FREE CERTIFICATES TO DOWNLOAD – At COLFAXMANN.COM you can download PDF files and print out 8" x 10" Blockhead Certificates for being able to read the entire book.

MAGIC – Rat The Cat is a great product, but it's not the magic. You are. We know that. Our goal at COLFAXMANN.COM is to aid you, with fun products, in producing that magic.

Here are the ten stories from Block 1 of the Rat The Cat Reading Accelerator:


1 "Cat In A Bag" — short a, consonant-vowel-consonant — Rat and Dan are in a van, when Sam comes along and things get fun.


2 "The Tame Ape" — long a, consonant-vowel-consonant-e — Rat and Dan go to the lake, where they encounter Dave, a tame ape. But how tame is Dave really?


3 "The Big Pig" — short i, consonant-vowel-consonant — Jane and Ranger Tim must save the day when the tame ape goes, well... ape.


4 "Pine Lake" — long i, consonant-vowel-consonant e— Rat goes to Pine Lake, but will he be safe? Probably not.


5 "The Big Dog" — short o, consonant-vowel-consonant — Rat and Dan on a log in a hot bog. Up comes a big dog. What could go wrong?


6 "The Mole Hole" — long o, consonant-vowel-consonant e, some -old words— Rat discovers a big mole-hole with a giant mole in it! Something HAS to happen! 


7 "The Mud Bug" — short u, consonant-vowel-consonant — Rat is digging holes in the mud when up comes a giant mud bug. Oh no!


8 "The Rude Mule" — long u, consonant-vowel-consonant e, yu sound — Sam takes Rat to Pine Lake to ride mules. Rat's mule is big and rude, while Sam's mule is tiny.


9 "The Ten Men" — short e, consonant-vowel-consonant — Ten men, led by Ted, demand to pet Rat The Cat.


10 "The Peep" —, long e, consonant-ee-consonant — Did Rat take something home that he shouldn't have from the zoo?

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