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If you want to learn the truth about Life, Colfax Mann insists, get a job. But not just any old job. No, you need a job-as-guru. To qualify as a job-as-guru your job must include at least one of the following:

A. Shitty Pay and Benefits.

B. Undocumented Immigrants.

C. A Biohazard Kit.

The more of these three your job has, the wiser you will become. Fortunately for Colfax Mann, his job-as-guru contained plenty of all three of these requirements. Cornered by Life while young and still full of himself, Colfax Mann was forced to take a job driving for Access-a-Ride in Denver, Colorado. Access-a-Ride is the public bus serving the disabled community. Colfax had no idea how much he needed to be there to see the miracles being produced in this Life, miracles that would help lift his vision. But would it be enough?


The Butterfly And The Turd contains some of the best stories from what he witnessed, accumulated over ten years of serving the local disabled community, as well as a present-day Prologue and Conclusion. The chapters, each containing stories related to the chapter's title, are: Manhood, Symmetry, Beauty, The Hands Of God, Love, Death, and The Butterfly And The Turd.