The best way to learn to read might be simply getting a little help while reading fun stories. That's what the "Rat The Cat Reading Accelerator" does. It's how we learned for centuries, now in digital format. You've got the devices, Rat The Cat has the stories.

The Rat The Cat Reading Accelerator uses progressive phonics, not to teach a bunch of rules, but as a logical method for introducing letter combinations. Each lesson builds upon the previous.

The lessons are divided into four blocks - BLOCK 1, BLOCK 2, BLOCK 3, and BLOCK 4. When the user can read the final page of each story in BLOCK 1, the reader becomes a Level 1 Blockhead and can download a free PDF Certificate that can be printed. The same is true for each level. Below are the ten stories of each block, and the focus of each story. 




1 "Cat In A Bag"

short a

Rat and Dan are in a van, when Sam comes along and things get fun.

2 "The Tame Ape"

long a

vowel - consonant - vowel - e

Rat and Dan go to the lake, where they encounter Dave, a tame ape. But how tame is Dave really?

3 "The Big Pig"

short i

Jane and Ranger Tim must save the day when the tame ape goes, well... ape.

4 "Pine Lake"

long i

vowel - consonant - vowel - e

Rat goes to Pine Lake, but will he be safe? Probably not.

5 "The Big Dog"

short o

Rat and Dan on a log in a hot bog. Up comes a big dog. What could go wrong?

6 "The Mole Hole"

long o

vowel - consonant - vowel - e

Rat discovers a big mole-hole. With a giant mole in it! Something HAS to happen! 

7 "The Mud Bug"

short u

Rat is digging holes in the mud, when up comes a giant mud bug. Oh no!

8 "The Rude Mule"

long u

vowel - consonant - vowel - e

Sam takes Rat to Pine Lake to ride mules. Rat's mule is big and rude, while Sam's mule is tiny.

9 "The Ten Men"

short e

Ten men, led by Ted, demand to pet Rat The Cat.

10 "The Peep"

long e

consonant - ee - consonant

Did Rat take something home from the zoo that he shouldn't have?

11 "The Vile Toad"

some long-vowel sounds

A vile toad challenges Rat to a race in the rain. Will Rat win, or will the vile toad's many tricks leave him dry?


12 "Rat Gets A Job"

-ll, -ff, -ss

Rat can't sell his junk to anyone, not even the vile Toad. How will Rat's boss take it?

13 "Going Fishing"

ck and sh

The fish are biting for Dan, but other things are biting Rat The Cat!

14 "The White Whale"

th and wh

Captain Rat has to deal with a mutinous crew as he searches for his nemesis.

15 "Chicken Thugs"

ch, tch, ng

Rat needs to call for help when a gang of chicken thugs comes to town.

16 "Rat Gets A Loan"

nk, sk, nd, ld, mp, ay

What happens when Rat gets a loan to fund all the things he wants, and the loan comes due?

17 "This Job Stinks!"

nt, pt, st, ct, ft, xt

Having lost Dan's land, Rat gets a job with Ranger Tim. A stinky job.

18 "A Bumpy Ride"

sc/scr, st/str, sk, sl, sp

Rat says he's 'The best bike dude,' but what does the mountain say?

19 "Stork Lake"

dr, tr, sm, sn, sw, or, er, qu

Stork Lake is a dangerous place. Will Rat do as he's told? Of course not!

20 "Farmer Rat"

bl/br, cl/cr, pl/pr, gl/gr, fl/fr

Is Rat brave enough to farm in the land of the Black Snake?



21 "The Beast"


-er, -ing, -ed

with v-c-e words

Rat and Dan go to Pine Lake and find a beast in a cave.


22 "Long John Shorty"


-er, ing, -ed

with short v, single c words

Rat and Fred The Chicken find a treasure map with a curse!

23 "Jailbird Dan"

-more endings-

short v, consonant clusters

When a sleepy Dan gives Rat a driving lesson, things get crazy and Dan is put in jail!

24 "Rat On His Own"

Compound Words

Dan has had enough! Rat must move out! A tale of huge roaches.

25 "Cinder Rat"

Two-Syllable Words

Division Between Consonants

Can Rat become the Belle of the Ball?

26 "Vampire Rat"

Two-Syllable Words

Division Between Consonants

Rat and Dan work at Big Cactus Ranch. But why is Rat suddenly a vampire?

27 "The Evil Empire"

Two-Syllable Words

single C between V's

Long Vowels

Rat and Fred must go on a heroes' journey to vanquish the Evil Empire

28 "Modern Art"

Two-Syllable Words

single C between V's

Short Vowels, Colors

Dan takes Rat to an art gallery, and Rat is certain he can do better.

29 "The Flim Flam Bird"

final -le

On a trip deep into the jungle, Rat and Dan encounter headhunters! 

30 "The Puppet Show"

final -y, er sound

Rat puts on a puppet show. Dan thinks the puppets are a tad bit mean.

31 "Captain P.P."

long a sound

-ible ending

Rat becomes a Superhero - with a strange name.


32 "King Rat"

long o sound

-able ending

King Rat and his castle are under assault by Joe The Barbarian and his hordes!

33 "The Ballet Performance"

long i sound

ight, -ance ending

Victor Victor invites Rat and Dan to a famous ballet - Duck Lake. Rat isn't thrilled.

34 "The Cruise"

long u sound

ew diphthong

-ence ending

A Mystery! Rat and Dan are on a cruise, but who caused the ship to run aground?!!

35 "The Vacation Station"

long e sound

i before e

-tion ending

Rat invents a Time Machine and ends up at Sir Bragalot's Castle.

36 "Television Head"

oo, oi, oy

-sion ending

Rat is made Sheriff of Pine Gulch just as the evil Television Head comes to town.

37 "The Circus Part 1"

ou, ow


Rat and Dan join the circus!

38 "The Circus Part 2"

au, aw

all, alt, ald, alk

tu = chu

Will Death Drop Dan and Shooting Star Rat survive the circus?

39 "Let's Get A Video"

the hiatus- syllable

division between vowels

some gh words

All Dan wanted was to watch a movie.

40 "Wonder Man"

ph as f

-ion and ior

What are Rat and Dan gonna do now? 

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